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Safety Tips

Livelinks Chatline Safety Tips

Live chat safely

Livelinks Chatline is a way for local singles to easily connect and chat. If you hit it off with someone and it turns into more, or if you want to meet in person, please take the following safety measures into consideration to make sure your experience stays positive.

Start slow

We know that new connections can be intense, and we want you to enjoy them in the best way. Have conversations to get to know someone. Pay attention to any inconsistencies or odd behavior. Know that you can cut off contact at any time. Remember, it’s always your choice.

Protect your identity

Livelinks Chatline is private and confidential. There are no photos, questionnaires, or any searchable information about our callers online. You do not have to give any identifying information to another caller until you are completely comfortable doing so.

You call the shots

You do not have to meet anyone in person. You can cut off contact at any time.

Check their background

Livelinks Chatline guarantees privacy. That’s why we don’t conduct background checks on our members. We encourage you to make sure someone is legit by asking questions, doing an internet search, and using your common sense. If you encounter someone underage, please alert our Customer Service Team immediately.

Watch for red flags

Displays of anger, intense frustration, pressure, passive-aggressiveness, demeaning or disrespectful comments are all examples of red flags. These things are not acceptable and should not be tolerated or encouraged.

Your feelings are your best indicator

If you get the sense something isn’t right, you never have to continue a conversation. You do not owe anyone anything and are always allowed to change your mind. Your safety or feeling of safety should never be compromised, so be safe, loves!

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